Richard Briggs has been both an illustrator and fine artist for many years. Always drawn to the places around him, whether in this country or abroad, his pen and ink drawings and watercolour paintings show his passion for creating work which encapsulates the detail of towns and cities, the atmosphere of the coast and the beauty of rural landscapes.

Alongside producing originals for galleries across the UK, Richard has more recently produced a series of images as both prints and greetings cards. The collection, ‘Richard Briggs’ Britain’, is a work in progress, however he has already produced scenes of such iconic towns and cities such as London, Bath, Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford.



His work can be found in a wide range of outlets including The Houses of Parliament Shop, Blenheim Palace, The Oxford University shop, tourist information offices, galleries and card shops. He has produced images of Bath Rugby which are sold through the club shop. The Royal Crescent Hotel have Richard’s limited edition prints in the Reception and commissioned him to illustrate information leaflets for guests on their arrival.

A more recent development has been Richard’s connection with Creative Fine Art. He has produced larger pen and ink, acrylics which mainly depict scenes of London, Paris and New York. These again show his love of fine line and detail, while the freshness of the paint allows for more vibrant images on a larger scale.

Richard is often commissioned to produce illustrations as originals or for print.